Skillate has the following Job Boards integrations: Naukri, LinkedIn, IIMJobs, and Monster. These integrations allow you to publish your jobs on these job boards with a click!

Enabling Job Boards

To enable any of these for your organizations, follow the below steps:
1. Navigate to the 
Settings > Sourcing Information > Job Board.

2. You will find the list of available job board integrations Skillate provides.

3. Click on Connect provided against the respective job board that you would like to enable.

4. The following pop-up will prompt to enter the credentials to the respective job board.

5. Upon adding them, click on Connect to complete the process.
Enabling a job board integration

Publishing a Job

Upon enabling the required job board(s) integration for your account, you will get the job board listed for publishing a job.

Follow the below steps to publish a job on a job board:

  1. Navigate to Jobs and select a job.

  2. From the details page, go to Source Candidates and to Job Boards.

  3. If you have enabled the integration, the button label will be Post Job.

  4. Upon clicking Post Job, the job will be published on the respective job board.

  5. If you do not enable the integration, the button label will be Enable <Job Board Name>.
    And the integration page will open on a new tab. Also, could you follow the steps provided in Enabling Job Boards?

You can watch a video-walkthrough on how to publish jobs on various job boards here: