Candidate Pipeline in Skillate provides recruiters a better understanding of the status of the candidate(s) for the respective job. The objective is to better track and manage the workflow of the hiring plan for each candidate added to the job. 

Those milestones which are configured in the hiring plan will be listed as part of the candidate pipeline. 

Permission: Site Admin, Job Admin

Viewing Candidate Pipeline

When you assign a hiring plan for a job, the milestones in the hiring plan are captured to the Candidate Pipeline for that job.

It is a vertical panel on the job’s About pageIt summarizes the number of candidates on each milestone, along with the split of total applications received, duplicate and unique applications from them.

Candidate pipeline in Job Overview page

Follow the below steps to view the candidate pipeline for a particular job:

  1. Navigate to Jobs > Select a job.

  2. Go to Overview. You can find a detailed view of the number of candidates. The Pipeline tasks represent the action pending on the assigned candidates.

  3. Click View all corresponding to the task. This will take to the list of candidates for whom the action is pending.