Permission: Site Admin, Job Admin

The recruiters can deploy chatbot Screening to screen candidates for any job. You can further configure the chatbot flow at the job level. 


This article helps you understand:

  1. How to choose a chatbot flow for a job?

  2. How to invite candidates for chatbot screening?

  3. How to distinguish candidates as per the sources?

Choosing a chatbot flow for a job

Follow the below steps to configure and manage chatbot flow at a job level:

  1. Navigate to Job > Source Candidates > Chatbot Screening. 

  2. You can choose a chatbot flow from the already configured and active chatbots.
    Configuring chatbot screening for a job opening 

  3. Click on Save to configure the chatbot for the job. 

    Note: The chatbot flow will display only the active chatbots.

Inviting candidates for chatbot screening

Once you have chosen a chatbot at the job level, you can invite candidates for the initial screening process. You do it in two ways.

  1. Automatically send a chatbot screening invite to candidates upon adding them to a job:
    Sending bulk invite to candidates for chatbot screening
    Follow the steps below to activate chatbot auto-screening for the job:
  • Toggle the button ON.

  • From the drop-down menu, choose the user name to be displayed on the chatbot. The name will be displayed while approaching the candidate.

  • Click on Save.

  1. Sending chatbot screening invite from Candidates page of a job:

  • From a Job, navigate to Candidates.

  • Go to the Screening section, click on Invite the candidate to send a ‘chatbot screening invite’ for the selected candidate.
    Invite candidate for chatbot screening

  • Alternatively, click on the Bulk Action > Select candidates > Take Action > Send chat link for inviting candidates in bulk.
    Sending chatbot invite link for candidates
  • You can also invite candidates from the talent pool for chatbot screening by navigating to Candidates > Talent Pool > Invite the candidate provided against Chatbot Screen.
    Invite candidates in talent pool for chatbot screening
    Those candidates who reply with 'accept for the job' via the chatbot screening will be added automatically to the Screen stage.

Filtering Candidates

Talent Pool
Skillate allows recruiters to work through many filters for candidates sourced through Chatbot Screening. From the Talent Pool of a respective job, one can easily filter out the candidates who are Invited to apply (All, not responded yet) and Not Invited. 
Filter candidates based on chatbot responses

Candidates who are not interested or whose responses are pending will stay in Talent Pool; the rest will move to the Screen stage of the respective job.

Screen Stage
Similarly, in the Screen stage, you will see filters for Chatbot Screening- Invited, Not Invited, Not Responded, and Interested Candidates.
Filter candidates based on chatbot responsesTo view a candidate’s response, click on the Interested filter, navigate to the candidate’s profile and click on the Screening tab provided below the candidate’s profile.

Additionally, for interested candidates- you can also use Auto Screen Filters for the questions that are being asked by the chatbot.
Learn more about Auto Screening and Bulk Invite here. Only those users with permission to view chatbot responses of a candidate can access the chatbot answers of candidates who have been moved to an advanced interview stage.