Recruiters can configure and manage the approval chain at a job level. However, an approval chain, once configured at a job level, cannot be altered upon job approval.

This article helps you understand:

  1. How to configure the job approval chain at a job level?

  2. How to push the job approval request emails?

  3. How can the approvers mark their approval?

  4. How to view the approval status from Skillate?

Permission: Site Admin, Job Admin

Configuring Job Approval at Job Level

If you have permission to edit a job, you can further configure the job approval chain at the job level.  These are in case any specific stakeholder needs to approve for a particular job or someone from the approval chain has left the organization.

Follow the below steps to configure the approval chain at a job level:

  1. Navigate to Jobs to create a new job.

  2. While creating the job, 
    - the default approval chain will be added to the job. 
    - if the job created has the office and department matching the approval chain you have configured for a specific office or department, the office/department chain will be considered.

  3. From the Approval Stage of job creation, recruiters can edit the approval chain - add new users, add an approval step or change the approval order. 

When you configure a job approval chain for a department, all the child departments are mapped with the same job approval chain.

Suppose you have a department created as Engineering. It has sub-departments (child departments) as iOS and Android. A job approval chain you configure for Engineering will be applied to the child departments iOS and Android.

Requesting Job Approval

  1. Once the job is created, you will see the status as Draft. 

  2. Click on Request Approval from the respective job’s About page, to trigger the approval request email to the configured set of approvers.
    Hiring Team

  3. They will receive the URL to approve or decline the created job.

  4. The job status will be changed to Pending from Draft until the job is approved.

For the approvers

  1. Upon receiving the job approval request email,

  2. Click on Take me there or the raw URL provided in the email to review the job details.

  3. The following page will have the job details, list of approvers, provision to approve or reject the job, and the approval method. 

  4. If the approver rejects the job, they can provide a reason for the same.

    Job Approval Request

Note: These are one-time actions that cannot be undo.

Viewing Approval Status

Recruiters can view the approval status by navigating to the respective job’s Approval tab.

Note: The hiring team members can receive notifications for approval by subscribing to them.

1. Navigate to Settings > My Profile > Notification.
2. Toggle the button ON provided against Job Approved.