Users with Site Admin, Job admin, and Hiring Manager roles can create a job on Skillate. While creating a job, you can set up a hiring plan to follow, create a job approval chain, etc. You can publish only approved jobs on various job boards and avenues for sourcing candidates.

For creating a new job on Skillate, follow the below steps:

  1. Log in to your Skillate account.

  2. Navigate to Jobs and click on +Create New Job.

  3. In the following screen, choose how you want to create the new job.

  4. Select an approach for creating a new job here. (You can find the pre-requisites and benefits of choosing each of the approaches in the following section below.)

  5. Skillate will take you through the steps in creating a new job. You will have to either review the pre-filled details or add them manually depending on the selected approach.
    The steps may vary from account to account depending on the permissions set.

  6. Upon completing these steps, you will have the job ready to be published on job boardsIJP, etc., and sourcing for potential candidates. The created job will be available to view on Skillate’s Jobs.

Understanding various methods of creating a new job

Who can access a job created on Skillate?