Skillate provides recruiters with automatic candidate screening through AI-powered chatbots. These chatbots automate the entire pre-screening process of calling candidates and collecting relevant information required at the initial screening stage for the job. 

As a recruiter for Skillate Laboratories, you are hiring for a Business Development Associate position which needs to be filled immediately.

Chatbot screening saves your hiring time by capturing candidates' details like notice period, relocation, relieving letter, etc., and checking if they are meeting the minimum criteria for the job requisition.

Chatbot configuration

Follow the below steps to configure chatbot screening:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Chatbot Screening.

  2. Click on New Chatbot, enter the Chatbot name and its Avatar Name. 
    Create new chatbot
    Create chatbot flow

  3. To create the placeholder, click on Create.
    An Avatar name helps make your chatbot more real. The name is used while interacting with the candidates to gain more acceptance by the user.

  4. Once the chatbot is created, click on the name of the chatbot you have created to configure it further.

  5. Click on Request to deploy.
    Request to deploy chatbot
    Request to deploy window will ask for the details required to set up the chatbot. 

  6. You can provide details about the questions you wish to ask the candidates. 
    Once filled, click on Send Request
    You will be contacted by our customer success team.

Disable option is restricted to chatbots:
- that are not on Active status
- that are on active status but without any active job.

Email configuration for chatbot

Ensure the you have added the placeholder {{chatbot_url}} to the email template.

For configuring emails that are being triggered while the chatbot is deployed, 

  1. Navigate to Settings > Sourcing Configuration > Email Configuration.
    Configure email for chatbot screening
  2. Click on Edit to make any changes or update the details for the email.
    Configure email for chatbot screening

If the chatbot is ready or pre-configured, you can still change the questions that are asked via chatbot. For the same, navigate to the chatbot and click on Request to change provided in Summary tab.
Change chatbot screening questions
You can configure for default emails- like chatbot invitation email that is sent for candidates who are invited to apply from Talent Pool as well as the Screen stage.
These emails are customizable at job level as well. Learn more.