Skillate allows users to create custom fields from the settings. These custom fields are categorized further into Job Fields, Application Fields, and User Fields

For each of the categories, you will need to define from the settings, and a placeholder is generated automatically. These are further used in various places to gather information.

Your organization wants to capture candidate's data such as payslip, relieving letter, spoke languages, etc. These data can be fetched via various forms on careers page, referral page, chatbot screening, etc.

While using Skillate, the kind and type of information to be captured from different sources should be defined in prior by the recruiter at the organizational level.

Understanding 3 Types of Custom Fields:


Application Fields


These fields assist in capturing a candidate’s information through their application form. These can be configured in the careers page, referral, agency, etc. Learn more


Job Fields

These are essential in order to create a job form. Those custom fields created can be further mapped to the Job Form. Recruiters will need to fill up the details which are mapped while creating a new job. Learn more.

User Fields

These fields let you define the additional information you want to have on each user’s profile. It is further added to the user form. Learn more.